Thursday, February 6, 2014

St. Augustine's Valentine's Day rose sale

A guy at St. Augustine's reached out and asked if I would post a flyer for their Valentine's Day rose sale, the school's first.
I, of course, agreed. I'm not sure who is involved with St. Augustine's parish but I'm sure at sometime, someone in that congregation did something that provided me some fodder. And just in case I didn't cast them in an all too flattering light this is my way of making up for it and saying thanks for being such a good sport.
Below is the flyer:


  1. Great church, and a great school. No florists left in Burgh, and way cheaper than what they'd charge you at a florist anyway.

  2. I read somewhere that the Catholic Church made 97 Billion, with a B, dollars last year. Not taxable. The florists, they pay taxes. Food for thought.

    1. Don't get stuck paying florist prices!!!

  3. Do you get a kiss from mark McGrath as well?

  4. Happy Valentine's Day Vito!

  5. Why does the school have to run down local businesses ("Don't get stuck paying florists prices") in their flyer?

  6. I wish Tom McGrath had better things to do. He should start practicing his Irish jig for St. Patrick's Day instead of whining about running down a local business that doesn't exist in Lansingburgh called a FLORIST YOU IDIOT!