Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Chief proposes changes, bashes "Mr." Bacote and Kokopellis owner


If anyone has any doubts about who should head up the Troy Police Department after Commissioner Tony Magnetto steps down on Friday, they should just watch Chief John Tedesco’s speech at Wednesday’s Public Safety Committee meeting.
He wasn't at the one-sided, dog-and-pony show Magnetto and Mayor Lou Rosamilia had on Tuesday where no new real light was shed on anything, but a day later he addressed the Kokopellis incident with a strength and common sense not seen by either side of the Jan. 25 incident that has spiked racial tensions.
Tedesco defended his officers, as he should, but did not comment on their guilt or innocence because, he said, all the facts are not yet reviewed. He did, however, recognize problems police have within certain communities and proposed structural changes including the need for stronger community policing and changes in how the department disciplines officers who screw up.
He said community police positions should come out of the contractually mandated bidding process so officers can stay on the detail for longer than a year without the threat of being bumped because someone simply has more seniority. That way, he said, stronger relationships can develop between the community and the officers.
Disciplining an officer who does screw up – and they are human so they do screw up – should be a swift, fair and consistent process to benefit the victims if they suffered harm and the officer should the claim be unfounded.  
He did take exception to some comments made by “Mr. Willie Bacote.” No, he did not call him “pastor.” Some, like Tina Urzan, the long time, well respected proprietor of Olde Judge Mansion in North Central, bypassed the “mister” and just called him “Willie.”
Bacote was not at Christ Church for Wednesday’s meeting, though he led a march through the streets of Troy prior to last week’s meeting.
“Here we have a man who for the past 18 months has repeatedly alleged that people of color, many of whom are in his congregation, have been mistreated at the hands of Troy police officers,” Tedesco said. “Last week, Mr. Bacote stated that he is ‘tired of mothers brining their children to him beaten by Troy police officers.’ He then went on to proclaim he would ‘no longer tolerate such abuse and hold city officials accountable.’ Mr. Bacote, I would ask if you were here, did you notify city officials? Besides the media did you notify anyone? I am publically challenging Mr. Bacote, when he hears of my remarks, to produce these victims so their claims can be properly investigated.”
The chief did tip his hat to Alice Green, of the Center of Law and Justice. Last week she agreed with Tedesco’s stance all along that an independent investigation is the only way to satisfactorily answer the question of whether or not police used excessive force.
“Your call for an independent investigation by the Unite Stated Department of Justice is welcomed not feared,” Tedesco said. “On behalf of the officers involved in the Kokopellis riot, we know an independent investigation is the only mechanism that will provide them relief for the stigma attached so unfairly attached to their actions that night.”
After Bacote, Tedesco laid into Barry Glick, one of the owners of Kokopellis, who last week compared Troy police officers to the Klu Klux Klan.
“Let me express my profound sense of repulsion at your analogy of Troy police officers acting in a manner akin to the Klu Klux Klan,” Tedesco said to a round of applause. “How dare you exploit one of the darkest periods in our nation’s history in attempting to deflect the blame from yourself for the outrageous conduct you permitted to take place in your establishment on Jan. 25.”
While last week Glick said Roshwan Donley, the man who got hit with a nightstick, was working two jobs and was looking for a third so he could we his fiancé, but Tedesco pointed out that Glick omitted the fact Donley has an outstanding weapons charge and is currently being prosecuted for failing to pay child support.
 Police Benevolent Association President Bob Fitzgerald, who is rarely on Tedesco’s side of anything, also bashed Bacote and called on him to resign from the Troy African American Pastoral Alliance. Peggy Kownack said “just because you call yourself a minister doesn’t mean you’re one.”
“Bob is speaking for the PBA and himself and not representing the administration,” Public Safety Committee Chairman Bob Doherty said while introducing Fitzgerald, which is odd since I can’t figure out why the president of the PBA union would represent the administration in anything. Fitzgerald then in turn bashed Doherty for showing up at the New York State Liquor Authority on behalf of the owners of Kokopellis.
“I don’t care if it’s your right, your constituent or your friend,” Fitzgerald said as Doherty tried to cut him off. “How can you make any objective decision on this case when you are walking hand in hand with this guy to the Liquor Authority? The members of the Troy PBA are demanding an explanation and an apology. And the chief of police and his staff deserves an explanation and an apology.”
He also criticized Glick for his KKK comments and the way he and his son Joseph operate the bar.
There were other speakers, but Tedesco did steal the show. It’s going to be interesting to see if Rosamilia tries to put someone else over the chief’s head. Then again, at this point in time, who would want if for $30,000.




  1. One week Kooky Kownack is screaming out for Willie and now she questions him? But still has to burden us with her boring life story? Who cares. And Bob Cox was very statesman-like last night. Even reminded me a little of Lou, non existent.

    1. Thanks for the compliment. I kinda like being Kooky. I also have no issue putting my name to anything I have to say. Please check your facts given I didn't speak last week as I would not register to do so through the Good Pastor. I did comment on fb (using my name) that the police went in looking for a fight. That's because they were TOLD that a fight was going on.

  2. And let's not forget that Magnetto was nowhere to be seen during either Public Safety meeting. Magnetto was happy to preen for the cameras in a controlled media-friendly environment, but left Tedesco on his own to take fire from the community. I was sold on the creation of the commissioner position last year, but no more. What a farce. There's no question who the real leader has been all along.

  3. Can Fitzy, Tedesco, or anyone else in the police department explain the video shown on Channel 13 last night? The police and the administration keep attacking everyone else while not addressing the main complaint -- excessive police force.

  4. Time for the truth to come out on willy. Ask him about the Food Pantry and the fact that he was banded from the premises after they had a private investigator follow him to the flee markets where he was selling goods that he was stelling from them.

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  6. At the next riot, give the cops daisies and marigolds to pass out to their assaulters. All you sociologists and hairy legged pinko shrinks should stay in the classroom and leave occasionally to hug some trees and pass out your communist literature to unsuspecting city council members and fellow comrads.

  7. I want to comment not about the meeting last night ,but about the spineless people who post using ( Anonymous) If you have something to say stand by your comment.
    If all you have to offer is hate, fine but use your name.If you have a bit of wisdom let us know. Only cowards hide behind Anonymous. My parents raised me to honest and proud of my name. Thank you Jim for your great work.

  8. Hey Debra the last thing you put your name on was that election. How did that work out?

    1. How's it working for you to know Doherty's unethical and you elected him. Wait til he sells you out. He had to spend $8k to beat her, I'd say her name worked out better than you think.

    2. It's working great stewie. Tom Wade delivered to us the one person who would first wip your ass and second would represent your district and do it well.

    3. Leave Deb alone, she was cursed with looking like Bob Mirch's identical twin with long curly hair. Jim, run pictures of both and see what's obvious. I double dog dare you!

  9. Can someone answer this question, why was this party held in Troy? If the participants in this riot come from Albany and the deceased came from Albany why was this "re, repass held in Troy?

  10. Speaking of Councilmember ethics and appearances of impartiality, why was Jim Gordon clapping enthusiastically during some of the speeches and statements and not others? Obviously he's already taken sides.

    So what's the deal, Jimbo? Because I'm sure you're out there criticizing Bob Doherty for doing the exact same thing you did last night.

  11. Rodney took $100 from Mr. Glick in a campaign contribution. Birds of a feather

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    You the citixens, diserve this representation.

    Throy democrats run this city and there is noting that we will can do to change it.

    There no optshons and you are all being used for your fantasy interest in the situation,.

    When Hary Tutunjynn was MAyor, youall blamed him for eveything.

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    1. Harry, he beat you twice! You can think Renss.County voters are idiots, but the truth is that Renss. County voters think you are an idiot. (Even those residing in Troy) Guess whose opinion matters more?