Friday, February 7, 2014

Cox causes Council to call for more cops


The Troy City Council is asking for an addition police officer at their monthly meetings after a regular, and vocal, critic threatened to get a gun and shoot members in retaliation for a family member being denied the purchase of city owned property.
And police are taking the threats made by Robert Cox seriously, according to an email sent to the Council by Chief John Tedesco. (Emails to and from members of the Council can be seen below.)
It appears Cox was unhappy with the Council for voting down an ordinance that would have sold two city owned properties – 30 and 36 Dowu St. – to his nephew Jack Cox Jr.
I’ll let the emails speak for themselves but I will sum them up as best I can: After the meeting, Robert Cox, unhappy with the vote said, “among other things” that he was going to get a gun and shoot people; off duty Police Officer Bob Fitzgerald overheard him and told Councilman Dean Bodnar about it; Bodnar in turn told the rest of the Council and Tedesco. Councilman Jim Gordon, since Cox singled him out from the podium at the meeting, said in one email he is getting an order of protection.

You can get a more comprehensive picture if you read the emails, and I provided info that isn’t included like who made the threats and the officer who overheard them. As to the latter, it’s kind of ironic in that it’s similar to one of the reasons given by then Mayor Harry Tutunjian to place Fitzgerald (pictured right) on paid administrative leave a few years ago.  
Before you move on, though, a little bit of history. This is not the first time the Council has been threatened in such a way. Once, probably 16 years ago, Fran Pomiber, an original member of the Trojans for Troy, threatened to shoot the entire Council with a machine gun. On her way up the stairs, with a police officer graciously escorting her, she turned and yelled: “I don’t want to see this in Talespin, Franco.” Of course, I put it in Talespin and that was the last anyone ever heard of it.

Now, thanks to tragedies like Columbine, Sandy Hook and the SAFE Act, such threats throw everyone into a panic.  
Anyway, I’ve always like Jack Cox Sr., I don’t know Jack Cox Jr. (pictured left) that well but he ran for mayor a few years ago and for that I give him credit, but Robert Cox has a tendency to just fly off the hook once in a while. I know that first hand because I’ve been on the receiving end of his tirades more than once. Is he dangerous? There are those who think so, so I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry.


From: "John.Tedesco" <>
Date: February 7, 2014 at 3:47:09 PM EST
To: "Rodney Wiltshire" <>, <>
Cc: "Tony.Magnetto" <>, "Ian.Silverman" <>, "Richard.McAvoy" <>, "George.Vanbramer" <>, "Rick.Sprague" <>, "Chris.Kehn" <>
Subject: RE: Urgent Security Matter

After speaking with Councilman Bodnar, I advised Captain Sprague of this
issue. In turn, he spoke with Officer Fitzgerald and directed that he
complete a report on the matter. I have since received calls from two
additional Council members expressing their concerns for personal

This matter is now assigned for investigation. A detective will be
contacting each of you early next week. Also being questioned is the
performance of the officer assigned as the Sergeant at Arms.

Please be assured that the Council's ability to vote free from threats
is of the utmost importance, and we view this issue as a priority.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional concerns.

Chief John F. Tedesco
Troy Police Department
55 State Street
Troy, N.Y. 12180
Office: (518) 270-4525
Fax: (518) 270-4452

-----Original Message-----
From: Rodney Wiltshire []
Sent: Friday, February 07, 2014 3:00 PM
Cc: Tony.Magnetto; John.Tedesco; Ian.Silverman
Subject: Re: Urgent Security Matter

I will of course treat this seriously as well.  I think it might be a
good idea to have an officer in the Front as well as the back in

Who reported this threat, and what has been done at this point?

If it is substantiated and credible, I would consider implementing a
restrictive policy on allowing people who have made threats against us
to appear before us at these meetings.

Thank you,

On 2/7/2014 1:32 PM, James Gordon wrote:

   I have been in contact with TPD this morning and will be
following up this afternoon.

   The same information was relayed to me as well and in light of
being singled out by the Coxs' during their speeches I will be pursuing
an order of protection.

   This behavior will not and should not be tolerated.

   Thank you
   Jim Gordon
   Councilman, Dist. 1

   Twitter: @jimgordon4troy

   Sent from my iPhone 5

   On Feb 7, 2014, at 1:18 PM, Dean <> wrote:

       I'm writing to make sure you're aware of a security
threat against the city council. The threat was relayed to me, after the
final meeting of the night, by an off-duty Troy police officer as we
waited for an elevator. According to the police officer, a member of the
Cox family said that, among other things, he was going to get a gun and
start shooting people in the wake of Jack Cox, Jr.'s unsuccessful
attempt to obtain two city-owned parcels of property on Douw Street.
       I called Chief Tedesco this morning and asked him to
look into this matter, which he agreed to do.
       The issue here is not whether the threat was made out of
anger, frustration, or the mental instability of the person uttering it.
The issue is the safety of our colleagues, and the public, who are
simply participating in the democratic process of government. As
president of the council, I'm calling upon you to take this matter most
seriously and take additional steps to increase security at our public
meetings. Specifically, I'm asking that two police officers, at a
minimum, be present for every public meeting, and that one of the
officers be stationed at the front of the room (perhaps near the council
secretary's door), facing the crowd to enable him/her to respond quickly
in the event of a threat.
       Please inform me, and the rest of the council, how you
plan to proceed.


Rodney G. Wiltshire Jr.

President of the Troy City Council

Phone (518) 279-7134

Fax (518) 270-4639


City Hall

433 River Street

Troy, New York 12180

Please Think GREEN Before Printing this Email!


  1. Jim Gordon and Dean Bodnar are afraid? That says it all.

  2. Better yet, Officer Fitzgerald "overheard" the threat? Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  4. Why do jack and Jack jr keep telling everyone that Bob does not represent the family, but get to a ZBA meeting and there's Luggnut Speilburg taping the whole meeting. At the ZBA meeting Bob does not understand that they have already been told the city...this is an appeal. That boy would jump in the river to get out of the rain.

  5. Rich crist is comin for bobby

  6. I heard Dougherty has refused to accept the extra security from TPD. Doesn't think a citizen should be prevented from showing up at council meetings until he is actually carrying a gun. Wasn't that in an email too? He also thinks Fitzy should have a psych eval, cause you never can tell.

    1. Bob Dougherty thinks someone should have a psych eval, now that's funny. Started my morning with a laugh.

    2. He's not the only one who thinks Bob Fitzgerald needs a psych evaluation. Far from it.

  7. The council is demanding the police protect them? The same police they're selling out? Also, isn't this Cox tribe the top political backers of Lou, Rodney, Doherty, Robertson and Zalewski? Aren't these cockroaches the ones that own the junkyards and burned out dangerous dilapidated buildings? Aren't these guys the ones that are driving the Snowman out of town with the illegal junkyard on 5th ave that Pete Ryan barks about but fails to address? Aren't these sewer rats the ones that threw Lou his votes when one dropped out of the mayors race? Aren't these guys the ones Pete Ryan promised the city towing contract to? Maybe they should hold a meeting at a church and spew lies and hatred and then a march. What a bunch of clowns

  8. 4:51 AM: your facts are wrong. The Cox gang backed Wiltshire in last year's election. in turn, Wiltshire is twisting arms to get a towing contract for the Cox's who defiantly operate junkyards on 5th Ave. in Lansingburgh in violation of a city directive.
    You're way off base about Pete Ryan who has been the subject of their wrath and is adamantly opposed to these lawbreakers getting business from the city.
    If Wiltshire and Zalooski want to be publicly affiliated with the Cox bunch, they should be removed.

    1. Who sponsored the ordinance to sell the property to them, way off base Pete you moron

  9. All political lemmings would follow your party bosses right into the sea.
    I did point out to Fitzy that if these assholes did these things they are doing in the South its would not go over as easy.
    PS I spent 33 years in the South

    Funny I had 4 meetings with Ryan he curses like a sailor I have it on tape.
    What I did not notice at first was that Mark Mcgrath was always present either outside or in the waiting area at each Meeting.
    The Last Meeting Pete Said to me and I have it on Tape How come your are punching me in the nose.
    He was referring to me Posting a Comment on Face Book That Rodney had the rite stuff and the juice to win in a Political Race.
    I have notified Pete that from what have seen in Troy Politics is That Him and Lou will be gone in 4 years.
    Lou for to mention how many Bushiness Left Troy about 20 left or folded so lets say 40 Did Open with more and more people fleeing Troy with there pants on Fire From Tax Burns and Watching These Politicians get 90K Pensions.
    No one in the private sector makes $ Like That.
    I will predict that the pension funds will Dry up just like California.
    Good Luck People.

    I do have a meeting with Some One From Troy PD It was done Two weeks ago and by the way I went to school with a couple of the Detectives.

    1. First off 33 years where not enough.

    2. You need a little more tin foil around your head and Mark Mcgrath will go away.

  10. Jack Ruby Coxs I could not imagine a bigger coward than this man

  11. Only in Troy! Why is anyone intimidated by a little weasel like Bob Cox? He is all mouth when confronted in person he runs like a scared rabbit. The Cox family is an eyesore for the city. every property they own whether daddy or little Jackie is a disgrace period. Zalewski how would you like it if these clowns bought a property in your neighborhood. What was the last idea of this illustrious a porn shop on 5th Av! I can see why Zalewski would support these clowns.

  12. Jack jr should get the properties. They need more properties to park junk cars on. Douw St has junkers on both sides no plates, no insurance. Bob don't care Jack don't care. Bob takes his red mechanic rag and polishes 69er motorcycle gang bikes. to keep them happy. Sometimes he polishes Jack jr and Fitzy's heads too. Bob is not Polish but he likes to polish. Sometimes he polishes lugg nutts before he loosens them. Tonught Bob goes to Ferry street bar to polish beer mugs. Happy Hour

  13. To complement the mayor's announcement of his "Lou and You" program, Rodney and Ken Z announce "Cox for You".

    24 hours a day call Ken or Rodney and a Cox family member will be there to help. Need a tow? They'll send Jack Sr. Need help with your child's homework or a home improvement project? They'll send Jack Jr.
    Running for office and need someone to put up your signs or steal your opponents signs? Then Bob cox is ready to help.
    Car problems, political strategery, property development, business management, tree trimming, used parts, welding, restaurant concepts, public speaking, estate planning, vintage denim, DMV connections, hazardous waste disposal, character assassinations, dune buggy rides, cat sitting, the Cox family has you covered. Call today!

  14. Crack wise about this asshole all you want.Based on this fools actions on Thursday, along with his nonsensical rantings & threats over the past three years, he should be banned from being anywhere near a public hearing. Sooner or later he's going to go postal, and innocent folks will perish. Now that he's been accepted into the Felon & Indicted club over on 4th St, it does not help anyone in this city, when they feed this idiot, half true info, and innuendo to chew on. He's freakin crazy, and those associated with him will be very sorry they are, when the Big Bang comes -and it will.

  15. Stay away from my car and my laugh nutts uncle lug nutt. Zba said no. Deal with it

  16. Stay away from my jeep.

  17. Why don't the cox family open a clothing store at 520 5th. Vintage size one jeans. Thermal shirts. Cargo khakis and tight blue shirts with stylish rag accessory for the back pocket. How bout sthil brand hats for those who haven't cut a tree in years. Greasy carharts. They should sell the eye glass straps that jack jr is brining back into style.

  18. When the police arrest him next week on threats against a pulic official it will be found that he has warrants out in Florida and that's why he left the sunshine state to live in a college fraternity neighborhood.

  19. Bob Dougherty and bob cox live on the same block. Hmmmmmm

  20. Wouldn't be surprised if that cats wasn't later served with a fine Chianti

  21. Harry's Comment in the hallway was Classic He told me Why don't you sue me every one else has.
    Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Vito Prominent Citizen Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha God Help Us All.
    Funny Comments in the Elevator I was alone Don"t tell me the Elevators are Bugged

    1. Serious problems you have. After the order of protection no more bobby at the meetings. Perhaps Gordon will be the most useful councilman. Have him at city hall and bobby has to leave. Have him at zba meeting to say no yet again. Bobby will have to leave

    2. You ran away when harry and Crist confronted you behind gendrons. Classic moment. That rag of an s10 couldn't putter away fast enough.

  22. Funny how Wiltshire needs to determine if the threats are "substantiated and credible" he will take action.
    Hours after the Kokopelli's incident he declared that police used excessive force and even went as far as to make racial accusations. did he make those assumptions based on substantiated and credible information. Rodney will pick and choose issues that suit him.
    For instance, Rodney had no problem with Willie human trafficking all of those marchers throughout the city all the way to the farce of a meeting. No different than a pimp with prostitutes.

  23. This robert lug nutt cox fellow his family can't even stand him. His nephew pushes him down in his seat and scolds him. Both jack sr and jr have both been heard saying we have nothing to do with him and he doesn't represent us. Perhaps in juniors speech he shod have said. I'm not my uncle. Don't punish me for his outlandish nutty borderline psychotic behavior

  24. No. Get over it. 7 times not enough hearing no?

    1. Time to do away with the ZBA and bring back the Zoning Commission along with NEW members that won't listen to "da burg" cockroaches.

  25. Jack junior looks like an insect in that picture. Bobby picture says it all. Crazy cat lady

  26. No need for bobby cox to be in my neighborhood

  27. That picture if bobby. That's the only time he's ever touched one of those

    1. That's Dr Evil and his hairless cat

    2. Why is it that once again Kitty is put near a smelly person?

    3. Bahahahaha. Same goes for Zuul

    4. Smelly cat smelly cat......

  28. These people should be banned from city hall, banned from city council meetings, and banned from purchasing any more city properties until they publically apologize to every person they have threatened or defamed and cleaned up all their properties.

    1. The last administration pretty much did ban them. Rod wanted to gain a few votes from the cox clan and the walking ash tray. You know she's disappointed with you now rod

  29. I thought we have a police commissioner and a deputy police commissioner to handle the day to day operations of the police department. Why are we even hearing from chief Tedesco? So fitzie claims cox threatened to shoot the council, can cox sue fitzie / the TPD and really screw we taxpayers?

    1. Council prez rod the tongue wiltshire screwed the taxpayers when he filled up his Nissan SUV with 5 gallon pails of salt. Did he use it at enfields building as well? Dam water runoff I need sand

    2. Whats with the man on king street with the large nose trying to be political. Walks lil light In the loafers and has a thing for Pete

  30. He should have been arrested right away for making threats. Let him serve 7-10 years. Pathetic guy. Jack did deserves the property, if he fails the reverter clause can kick in and he looses it all. Dunne had no answer fact is he has no idea about the launch, ACE has final say. He just doesn't like the Cox Family.

  31. White pickup with red wheels just seen rounding the block where Vito lives. Should have good video of Dr Evil and his hairless cat this week. Vito made a large purchase at Radio Shack and he has the tee shirt gun from powers park loaded with fruit of the looms with Bobby's name on the waist band. Little Vito has hit the mattresses and will be hidden somewhere in Little Italy.

    1. A bed with a view awaits you at 4 Winds in the newly dedicated Cox Wing

  32. Luggnut it's time you start placing the blame on your own doctors, I am sure you have a bunch. You would help your family so much if you just stayed home with your neil sedaka blow up doll....just the fact that you still think showing up helps says it all....some time on the Samaritan 4th floor would be a good start.

  33. Vito is hoping for uncle lugg nutt to drive up to his house. His new investment is sure to deter bobby from further tampering with his foes cars

  34. Being it was the mayors state of the city night. Rod should moved the cox sale to the March agenda. Its all on him that a dignified moment turned into a circus,

  35. Looks like another bad week ahead for Lou, Pete and Dunne. There are two articles that will be reported this week about a developer who has failed in his plans and even fined by the DEC for contamination. Didn't Mr. Scolite promise to build a park there? Well he promised in another locality and walked away. The bigger question is will Pete and Dunne have to give back the cash?

    1. Mr Scolite also likes to dump things in water ways. Likes to burn things in barrels. He also likes to build buildings on his property without permission. Most importantly he does not like to do what he said he would do. Just ask him to sign an agreement that he will not bring garbage back to Troy from New York City and points south. HE ONLY WANTS IT FOR THAT.

  36. Dignified moment? The council moved the public safety meeting to the church so all of the marchers and speakers from Albany would be comfortable. The audio and video was great so they could make youtube videos go viral to depict Troy in a bad light around the world.

    When it came to the mayor's speech no one wanted to move it, neither the mayor or the council. People were cramped in a sweltering room. poor sound, no video. People were forced to stand out in the hallway.No youtube videos made there.

    When will those in charge wake up and realize that these Sanctuary people, bike rescuers, and collard growers, and flea market pastors are kin the business to run our city down? They want to humiliate officials and residents in order to further their own causes.

  37. What day will these Scolite stories appear?

  38. Maybe at the new store they can sell that vintage wallpaper in the picture. Wow we. Is that in the fraternity neighborhood house he lives in?

  39. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Hey Franco I see You want it all your way 100%
      So you remove Bob Fitzgeralds Post because your in Bed with Vito Have it your way Franco

  40. Bob, you told two councilman he made the threats now he didn't. Is this like when you told Seney "they" were going to spray his house with automatic weapon fire and then told his "I was just kidding"? Enjoy your cash. Karma!

  41. It must be something with the name bob. Nutcases