Monday, September 8, 2014

DA candidates vie for minor party lines

District Attorney candidates Carmello Laquidara and Joel Abelove, a Democrat and Republican respectively, will square off for the Independence Party line on Tuesday.
The position became open after Rich McNally was sworn in as a Supreme Court judge on Jan. 1.
Laquadara was a judge in the City of Rensselaer and Abelove used to work in the District Attorneys Office.
There is also an Opportunity to Ballot, or a write in, for the Working Families Party and the Green Party. Laquadaro has the endorsement of each party and his name alone will appear on the ballot.
Abelove received the endorsement of the Conservative Party and there were not enough signatures collected to force a write in for that party’s primary.
It was surprising when Abelove did not get the Independence Party endorsement because it is largely controlled by the GOP, at least locally. Rather, the party endorsed both candidates and is going to let them duke it out on Tuesday.
The polls are open from noon to 9 a.m.
Here is a link to all the primaries in Rensselaer County.    


  1. You have to be stupid to want to be the DA in this County. Like bailing water on the Titanic.

  2. His name is Carmelo LaquidarA.


  4. Silverman to finish out as corp coinsil for mayor Lou's only term

  5. Hello everyone my name is Amy OConnor and I think you guys need me.

  6. Sorry Amy, maybe next time!