Tuesday, June 30, 2015

And then there were 29 (UPDATED: And it's back to 30)

It appears the Republicans do have a candidate to run in the heavily Democratic District 4. Joe Navarra will run against incumbent Bob Doherty (of the Wiltshire camp) and Barbara Jones Higbee (of the Wade camp.) So the number of candidates is back up to 30.

The astounding number of candidates, 30, running for a limited number of open seats in Troy, 10, has shrunk by one.
Pamela Troue, who was running in District 2 with what is commonly known as the “Wade Democrats,” or the slate headed up by mayoral candidate Patrick Madden and supported by Rensselaer County Chairman Tom Wade, has opted to drop out.
That leaves incumbent Councilwoman Anastasia Robertson, who is solidly with the “Wiltshire Democrats,” or the slate headed up by mayoral candidate and council President Rodney Wiltshire, to square off against Mark McGrath, who is running with the Republicans for the seat he was term limited out of about 18 months ago.
Troue is caring for her ailing mother and said a run for council is too much of a commitment at this point in time.
With petitions due no later than July 9, here is a list of candidates and their respective teams. That list could change dramatically depending on whether or not the candidates get enough signatures to get on the ballot.
Wade Democrats (or those endorsed by the Democratic Party Committee proper, with party enrollment next to their name)
Mayor:         Patrick Madden (not enrolled)
At Large:      Erin Sullivan-Teta (I)
                       Carol Weaver (D)
                       Cary Dresher (D)
District 1:     Laurie Ryan (D)
District 2:    
District 3:     Charlie Clifford (I)
District 4:     Barbara Jones Higbee (D)
District 5:     Lynn Kopka (D)
District 6:     Wayne D’Arcy (D)

Wiltshire Democrats (or those endorsed by the Working Families Party with their enrollment next to their name)
Mayor:         Rodney Wiltshire (D)
At Large:      Peggy Kownack (D)
                       Anasha Cummings (D)
                       David Martin (not enrolled)
District 1:     Jessica Ashley (G)
District 2:     Anastasia Robertson (D)
District 3:    
District 4:     Bob Doherty (D)
District 5:     David Bissember (D)
District 6:     Corey Jenkins (D)

Those endorsed by the Republicans:
Mayor:         Jim Gordon
At Large:      Carmella Mantello
                       Kim McPherson
                       Andrea Daley
District 1:     Jim Gulli
District 2:     Mark McGrath (C)
District 3:     Dean Bodnar
District 4:    
District 5:     Tom Casey
District 6:     John Donohue

Those not endorsed by anyone
Mayor:         Ernest Everett (A Democrat)
                       Jack Cox Jr. (Revolution Party)



  1. I see the Republicans don't have a candidate in District 4. Paul Moses lives in district 4. Why not him ?

  2. Russo is having problems with petitions and Scott Ryan is making a big push on the petitions. Looks like he will have more names than Russo. Now Russo and Merola are going to get dirty

    1. Problems? --we ain't havin no stinkin problems.

    2. Put down the kool aid and step away from the cup...

  3. Holding out for mccashion to enter

  4. Hightop sheeran to summer above laportos and run in d4 this fall

  5. I believe the Republicans will win. Dems screwed themselves.

  6. I just might take an offer if I was a write in . Why not, I have no public office experience but I'm sure I co2do worse than those who have been in office lately. At least I promise to show up at every meeting.

  7. Will Rogers make a deal and give the feds Mahar, Russo and Jimino. Lets see remember the connection between Rogers father and Kathy this could get interesting.

  8. Wade's candidates are seeing the freedom train coming. This Troue women knew Team Troy and one of the team leaders Anastasia were impossible to beat.We'll take out McGrath next.

    1. Team Troy has changed its name to Lineup of Losers. Watch them go down to defeat.

    2. Better pack a lunch slick! And tell your candidates to take a freakin bath before they slap the peanut butter on the bread, or I'll call the health dept.. Ms KKK is going bye bye!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Trooper's DaughterJuly 3, 2015 at 4:00 PM


    Will you retain Bill Dunne as Planning Commissioner? If so, who will be responsible on the installments for my civil award?

    1. Really? A civil suit against Dunne and no press coverage? Try again. Sound like a McCashen wet dream!

    2. Trooper's daughterJuly 25, 2015 at 2:49 PM

      Bill. Your propensity to write in a rhetorical style gives you away. Of course there was no press coverage -- that is why my Daddy took the case civil. Given the photos of little willy that you texted to me, we had a criminal case. But, who needs all the attention when we could get you to cough up some cash.

  10. Prediction Jim Gordon Will be or try to be the new Three Job Bob he was weaned on Three Job Bob's Corruption
    When Jim Looses this time his political Career will be over and he will then run for the County Legislature and fail and will be thrown onto the trash heap of Troys Broken and Battered History of Political Losers and Political Hacks
    Any one for tennis

  11. I don't want to be the next victimJuly 7, 2015 at 4:34 AM

    Pat Madden

    Have you reviewed the Bill Dunne Dormitory Authority settlement agreement? It is in the office of the Corporation Counsel as well as within the offices of several other persons in the Executive Suite. What is your policy with regard to serial predators?