Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dems send Laquidara's name to governor


The Rensselaer County Democratic Party Executive Committee endorsed Carmelo Laquidara for district attorney, Saturday.
Well, it’s shy of an all-out endorsement in that the Democrats only voted to send his name to the governor for consideration and the whole committee will need to meet to actually nominate him for its formal candidate sometime in the near future. Obviously, that’s a given.
The governor could appoint Laquidara, or anyone else for that matter but odds are he won’t buck the local party, to fill the spot left vacant by Rich McNally, who is now a Supreme Court judge. There will be an election in November for a full four-year term. Right now, McNally’s number two guy, Arthur Glass, is filling in as DA by default.
If Gov. Andrew Cuomo does decide to appoint Laquidara, the City of Rensselaer judge will have a leg up on any Republican opponent since it’s always easier to run as an incumbent. Laquidara also has decent name recognition and has run county wide, narrowly losing a primary for Rensselaer County court judge to Troy City Court Judge Christopher Maier.
For the Republicans, three names are out there with the frontrunner apparently Joel Abelove, a former assistant district attorney under then DA Trish DeAngelis who lost to McNally in 2012. Others who have either sent a letter of interest to the GOP are Troy attorney Bill Comiskey, who ran for Troy city court judge in the 80s and North Greenbush attorney Kathryn Dell, who ran for DA in the 90s as a Democrat.


  1. thought dell was a dem......................!

  2. Carmelo's a great choice. And if that's all the GOP's got, he'll have an easy campaign.

  3. Maybe the Republicans will run Hank Bauer. Given all his failed campaigns, there must be a DA palm card out there somewhere with his face on it.

  4. B dunne not a happy man today. Bad press and valenti dibacle will run Wednesday

  5. Seeing Bill in his pre-war sweater-vest brings back memories of bad movies & Boy George.

  6. Bill is dreamy. Who else do we have to look at during council meetings?